This article applies to: G60, G100, Dart. It partially applies to the Remora and Oyster Cellular.

Async Mesages are used to send messages from the server to the device. These are used to:

  • Immobilise: enable or disable remotely
  • Set Digital Outputs: set or clear remotely
  • Trigger Accident Upload: trigger an upload of the accident data partition

These messages can only be sent to the device when it is connected to the server. Connections are triggered by the device. Triggers for the device to upload include:

  • On heartbeat: default is 60 min on the Dart. 
  • In trip: externally powered devices will do their best to stay connected. If ignition is on, the device is in trip by default.
  • On accident: device will do an upload
  • On digital input change: if the input is configured to “upload on change”, it will trigger a connection.
  • On tamper detection

The times when it is not connected, the message will not be delivered until the next connection. This includes:

  • After a trip end and upload, when the device is idle and sleeping
  • Between heartbeats, until the next upload trigger.
  • If the device cannot make a connection to the server because of network issues.