Flexi I2C Analogue Card

The Flexi I2C Analogue card provides:

  • 1 x I2C bus option:
    • clock on PCIe_4 in the harness
    • data on PCIe_3 in the harness.
    • I2C is a multi-drop bus, so connect many sensors of different addresses.
  • 4 x Analogue Inputs:
    • Input 1 and 3 are low voltage inputs - 8.2V max. Available as PCIe_5 and PCIe_7 on the harness diagram.
    • Input 2 and 4 are high voltage inputs - 15.2V max . Available as PCIe_6 and PCIe_8 on the harness diagram.
    • Note that the G100 does not expose PCIe7 and PCIe8 through the harness. Only PCIe5 and PCIe6 are available.
  • 3.3V output: exposed on PCIe_1. Approximately 0.5A trip current.
  • Optional 5V or Vext output: exposed on PCIe2
    • Use jumper P1 to select between 5V and Vext.
    • Approximately 0.5A trip current.

Use case examples:

  1. Add 2 analogue inputs to the G100.
  2. Add an I2C interface to the G100. Connect temperature or humidity sensors for example.
  3. Add up to 4 analogue inputs to the Flexi4.

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