If you are using Telematics Guru then you don't need to worry about any of this :)


OEM Server supports 2 types of connector: TCP and HTTP

Speak to your local DM office and they can create connectors for you - you will need to supply a server URL or IP address and a port number to use.

TCP Connector

The TCP connector uses a TCP socket to communicate and is the ‘raw’ messages coming from devices. 

This requires you to write a TCP listener service that can accept sockets and process and respond to messages coming in via the socket.

HTTP Connector

The HTTP connector performs the task of interpreting data and repacking it into JSON or XML and sending it via HTTP posts to servers. (this has more overhead on OEM but is easier for devs to use and integrate)

The HTTP connector has the option to send the payload in XML or JSON – most prefer JSON these days.


We also have the option to SPLIT the data to multiple connectors. So data could be sent to Telematics Guru AND a company’s own system, if they wanted that. This is discussed further here.