The Dart has an immobiliser function.

WARNING: immobiliser functions should only be used with the vehicle starter motor for safety reasons.

Please refer to this article for a general discussion of immobilisation with a switched ground output:

The Dart's switched ground output is the YELLOW wire.

This should be used with a RELAY. The yellow wire controls the NEGATIVE side of the relay coil (PIN 86). The yellow wire supplies ground to turn the coil on (energize) and goes high impedance to turn the coil off (de-energize).

Step 1. Connect the relay coil positive (PIN 85) to the vehicles +ve (12/24V). Connect the relay coil negative (PIN 86) to the Dart yellow wire.

The relay has normally open (PIN 87) and normally closed (PIN 87A) contacts. The common connection is PIN 30. 

Step 2.1  If Driver ID is used with the immobiliser, use PIN 87 and PIN 30 to control the starter motor. The coil is only energized when the Driver ID is scanned.

Step 2.2  If the vehicle will only be remotely immobilised (from Telematics Guru for example), use PIN 87A and PIN 30 to control the starter motor. This is to save power by not energizing the coil permanently.

Step 3. Ensure the Dart is configured correctly on the OEM Server. Output 1 should be to immobiliser. The active high setting should be true if the relay immobilises when the relay is energized.

Step 4. Test!