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Remora OEM Debug Stats

The Remora will periodically log debug stats with some performance metrics. This is useful for understand how the Remora is using it's power.

Useful notes:

  • Stats will reset after new batteries are put into the Remora or on a physical reset (batteries out and in).
  • Average GPS time to first fix can be calculated by dividing the "seconds spent in successful GPS fixes" by "successful GPS fixes".

Firmware older than v1.29:

Find them by searching for the device on OEM. Click on Details and go to the Log tab. Look for a record like this:

Debug[GEN][Sevr]: Stats:432,20263,42,8160,840,7486,524,33283,171,4057,152,21,0,5865,9305,0

Interpret each number in order:

  1. Successful upload count
  2. Seconds spent in successful uploads
  3. Failed uploads
  4. Seconds spent in failed uploads
  5. Successful GPS fixes
  6. Seconds spent in successful GPS fixes
  7. Failed GPS fixes
  8. Seconds spent in failed GPS fixes
  9. GPS orbital download attempts
  10. Seconds spent downloading GPS orbitals via GPS
  11. Number of accelerometer wakeups
  12. Number of actual trips
  13. Number of uploads due to Upload On Jostle
  14. Battery voltage, in millivolts (-1 if unknown)
  15. Battery capacity, in hundredths of a percent (-1 if unknown)
  16. Number of GPS fixes due to Upload On Jostle


  • Debug records are deleted after 2 weeks. If you wish to preserve them, set the Data Capture Expiry date to a date in the future. This will prevent deletion until 2 weeks after that date.

Firmware version v1.29 onwards:

The debug stats messages above have been replaced by a new message, which is graphically displayed in the Details pane on OEM, near the bottom of the page:

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