Partner's own SMS Gateway

It is possible to link a partner's Clickatell account to Telematics Guru. The partner can then pay for the cost of the SMSes directly.

The first step is to obtain a Clickatell account. This process changed on the Clickatell side in November 2016. Both forms of the integration are described below.

Once setup, don't forget to select the provider in the Organisation settings - described below.

Clickatell account setup before November 2016 

Setup an application, and get the following details:

  • API ID
  • Client ID
  • Username
  • Password.

Test the credentials using a URL like this:

Supply the credentials to to setup your gateway. 

Clickatell account setup after November 2016

The new Clickatell API requires some different details.

  1. Go to and sign up
  2. Login to your account and from the landing page at, click SMS Integrations, under "Create your first SMS integration".
  3. Enter a name, choose an environment (Live). Choose REST as the API type.
  4. The remaining settings are up to you. The defaults are a good place to start, but please pay attention to any security issues.
  5. Save the setup
  6. You should see your integration listed under SMS Integrations. 
  7. Supply with the following information:
    1. API Type - must be REST
    2. API Key
    3. Username

It should look like this, with Environment = Production and Status = On:

The REST API is harder to test. CURL is one option, as shown by the Clickatell website:



curl -i \


-H "Content-Type: application/json" \

-H "Accept: application/json" \

-H "Authorization: <your API Key" \

-d '{"content": "Test Message Text", "to": ["+1234567890"]}' \


Select the right SMS Provider on the Organisation

Remember to select the Gateway as the SMS Provider for the organisation. Go to Admin->Organisations and click Edit. The default SMS gateway is shown below.

Note that this must be selected by you, the partner. If the TG provider is selected, you will be billed by DM.


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