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Remora - using the tamper input for a switch

The three pins on the tamper Hall sensor connector are:

· Red – 3V3 output, with on-board 10Ω series resistor

· White – Tamper input, drive to ground when untampered, or connect to red 3V3 wire when tamper detected

· Black – Ground

The Hall sensor connector is a 3 pin 1.25mm Molex Picoblade (part number 53261-0371), and the power connector is a 2 pin 2.0mm Molex Micro-latch (53253-0270).

Please note that there is no input polarity protection or fuse onboard. 

If you need to add a fuse for battery pack protection use something like the RUEF160 resettable fuse, or a fixed fuse with a 2A rating.


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