Provisioning devices - toggle external power to force a server connection and upload

We recommend when provisioning devices that they get connected to a bench power supply.

You can then check on OEM Server and Telematics Guru that the device is reporting in correctly.

  1. Insert the SIM card
  2. connect the internal back battery
  3. connect the wiring harness to 12V power and ground
  4. leave the Ignition line disconnected
  5. Check on OEM that the device connects in, updates its firmware and any pending parameters, and commits to whichever server it is configure for
  6. If you need to "force" an upload to the server then disconnect external power for a few seconds and then reconnect it

If you keep the ignition line tied to power then the device will go into a trip and connect in to the server and REMAIN connected until the trip ends.

While the device is in trip it will not apply its new firmware, parameters or other settings, and will only do so when the trip ENDS.

Rather toggle external power to force an upload attempt if necessary.

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