In the OEM Admin Interface, in order to perform an action on a device, it needs to be selected.

First, search for the device. You can use these options:

  1. Use the Dashboard to "view as" a group. This narrows the view to a specific distributor, vendor or client. You will view as if your user belongs to the group.
  2. OR Search for serial numbers or IMEI numbers: 
    1. The serial/IMEI numbers are printed on the sticker of the device. Serial number are usually 6 digits. IMEI numbers are 15 digits.
    2. Enter the number in the search text box and click Search
    3. Or search for multiple devices by clicking the Multiple Devices button. Paste in numbers on separate lines. This works well with copy/paste from Excel.
    4. Or enter multiple numbers in the search text box, separated by semicolons. For example 123456; 123457; 123458; Click Search.
    5. Or from the device view, use the filter fields. See the paragraph below on filtering.
  3. Be sure to have the right Device Type selected.


Then, select the devices:

  1. Use the tick box on the left. Select one or many.
  2. Use the "all" button to select all of the devices in the view. This will select all devices available in the filter and search. If the filter and search extends beyond one page, these will be selected.


Filtering and sorting is done using the fields at the top of the columns:

  1. Enter filter text 
  2. Click the pin to specify how the filter is applied
  3. Click the column heading to change the sort column and order


Notes on filtering:
  • Filtering is only text based at this time.
  • If you filter out devices that are already selected, they will still be selected in the background. This can lead to some unexpected behavior if applying settings after filtering. Always update the selection after applying a filter.