View Server Logs

  • Viewing Server Logs shows the last interaction with the server. This can be a useful debugging tool.
  • This shows all of the logs for the day of the last connection.
  • Logs are highly summarized.
  • If no logs are shown, the device may not have connected, or connected a long time ago.

To view server logs:

Click on details (1) for the device in question:


Go to the Logs tab. Click on View Server Logs (Last Connected Date) (1)


As an example, the following may be displayed:
  • Date and Time of each record
  • The action that the server took
  • Commits show
    •  the connector used in [square brackets], 
    • the Result: true if connected server accepted the records. False if the connected server rejected the records
    • the Duration of the operation
    • and how many records were sent in how many uploads. eg: 1 r in 1u


NOTE: For our 'Edge' range of devices - the equivalent to server logs are the Forwarder logs - Please see this article to find out how to check forwarder logs for debugging.

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