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View Device Logs

This allows you to inspect data logged by the device. Please note:
  • Debug records are always captured and shown. The debug log level controls how many debug logs are recorded. Please see the article here for more details.
  • Device data logs are normally forwarded and not recorded. To see the process to enable the capture of the records, please see the article here
  • All logs for a device are deleted after 2 weeks, unless their data capturing is still active.

Viewing Logs

Click on details (1) for the device you are interested in:


Go to the Logs tab (1)


To narrow down the records show, specify the Start Date (1) and End Date (2). 


If the Now (1) box is unticked then a end date can be chosen. If ticked the end date will be "now", showing the latest records. 


Other notes:
  • Use the Refresh Button to show new records that may have been uploaded since the last selection was made.
  • Use the CSV Export Button to download the records in a CSV format.

What do all the logs mean?

See Commonly seen device logs/errors

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