Device groups are used to organize devices on the OEM Server:
  • The hierarchy is Distributor -> Vendor -> Client
  • This typically equates to Distributor (DM Branch) -> Vendor (Reseller) -> Client (end user or organisation)
  • Users can only see the devices assigned to their group.
  • New groups can not be created at this time, this can only be done by the admins at DM.
  • Client groups can be created by users with the "Client Creator" permisison. Contact DM support to get this permission. 
  • If a device serial can not be found it might be in the wrong group. Contact DM.

Select a single asset (1) or multiple assets


Go to Device Operations (1); Set Device Group (2)


Choose a Distributor Group (1)


Choose a Vendor Group(1)


Choose a Client Group(1)


Click on the OK button

Users with the "Client Creator Permission" can create client groups via this process. Contact Digital Matter Support if you require this permission. 

When moving devices into groups as above, you can create a new client group: