Parameters are settings that affect the way the device operates. They are setup on the OEM Server, and downloaded by a device next time it connects.

The difference between Admin Parameters and System Parameters:

  • Admin Parameters: connectivity settings, such as server and APN settings.
  • System Parameters: device behavior settings such as heartbeat period, tracking frequency, etc.

To edit parameters:

Select an asset. Only one asset may be edited at a time. Refer to templates for multiple assets.


Go to Parameters (1); Edit System Parameters (2) or Edit Admin Parameters.


If no parameter sections are shown, the device will use it's defaults. The defaults are shown when you add a fresh section.

To add Parameters got to Add Parameters (1) and choose a parameter section to add (2).


To Remove a Parameters Click on Remove Selected Tab (1). This will revert the section to the device defaults.


Through the different tabs(1) you can edit and change the parameter settings


Click on the GIF to see the whole process in action: