Parameters are settings that affect the way the device operates. They are setup on the OEM Server, and downloaded by a device next time it connects.

The difference between Admin Parameters and System Parameters:

  • Admin Parameters: connectivity settings, such as server and APN settings.
  • System Parameters: device behavior settings such as heartbeat period, tracking frequency, etc.

To edit parameters:

Select an asset. Only one asset may be edited at a time. Refer to templates for multiple assets.


Go to Parameters (1); Edit System Parameters (2) or Edit Admin Parameters.


If no parameter sections are shown, the device will use it's defaults. The defaults are shown when you add a fresh section.

To add Parameters got to Add Parameters (1) and choose a parameter section to add (2).


To Remove a Parameters Click on Remove Selected Tab (1). This will revert the section to the device defaults.


Through the different tabs(1) you can edit and change the parameter settings


Please note:

  • If there are no tabs (1) the parameter settings are set to device defaults.