Firmware is software programmed onto the device. It is called "firmware" because it runs on an embedded system, like a tracking device, and updating it requires a set procedure. This is handled by the interaction between the device and the OEM server. 

Vendors are responsible for non-critical firmware updates. DM will only apply updates to fix critical bugs.

Firmware is normally versioned with a Major Version and a Minor Version. The Major Version often specifies different functionality for a device. The Minor Version is incremental, and progresses as features are added or bugs are fixed.

To apply an update, first select a asset (1):

If you wish to apply firmware to many devices, all of the devices must have the same hardware revision. Use the filter in the product (2) column to filter on the hardware revision. For example enter 28.1 to get 2G G100’s. Be sure to update the selection after applying the filter.


Go to Device Operations (1); Set Firmware (2)

On the right in the Firmware column (3) you can see what firmware your device is currently on


Select the Firmware (1) you would like to use:

Click on the Ok button (2)


The device will download the new firmware next time it connects. It will apply the update after it has downloaded and it is idle (usually, out of a trip). 

After the update, it will reconnect and reflect the new version in the Firmware Column.