The installer page is designed to verify that an installation has been done correctly. Note that since this page is not password protected, it is designed to not give any sensitive information away.

NB: The installer page will not work correctly if the connector is set in OEM to "TCP_TG_Live_Flexi" (pointing to Telematics Guru) and your asset has not been created in the platform. Make sure to create assets prior to installation. 

To access it either:

  1. Go to installer page (1) at the login screen.
  2. Or go to the web address


Type in the device serial (1) (6 digit number found underneath the device)
Click on Find (2)
Information for the device will be displayed. 


The following details will be displayed if the correct serial number was typed in:


Work through these steps in order. If an earlier step fails, the data in later steps may not be accurate. For example, if the device is not connecting, the Battery Voltage will be based on older data, and will not be current.

  1. Check Last Connection (1) to check that the device connected recently. This means the device is connecting to OEM.
  2. If device is connecting (1) check Last Commit (2) to see if it is sending data. If the connector is set, it must be setup on the software platform that is meant to receive the data. eg Telematics Guru.
  3. Check the time of the last GPS update (3). It should be recent.
  4. Check the battery level (4) is acceptable for the device type.
  5. Check external power (5) is connected. For most externally powered devices, it should be 8 volts and above.
  6. If the ignition input (6) is on there will be a green mark next to it, if it is off there will be a red cross next to it.
  7. If there are any digital inputs (7) reporting as on there should be a green mark next to them. If not there will be a red cross next to them.


If the device does not connect (1) check the following:
  • If the sim card has been inserted correctly.
  • If the sim card has enough mobile data on it.
  • If external voltage is connected properly.
  • If the device is running, based on LED flashes.

If the device does not commit (2) check the following:
  • If the device is setup on the platform that the connector points to. eg. Telematics Guru. Check that both the serial number and device type are correct on the platform.