The G60, G100 and Dart devices can log accelerometer based harsh driving events. There are some important things to note when using these features.

Take special note of the System Parameter heading below. Different vehicle types require different thresholds for triggering events.

Devices and Firmware

G60, G100 and Dart devices have this feature. Other devices are either not suited to this or it has not yet been developed. Battery powered devices (Remora, Oyster, etc) are generally not suited to harsh event reporting because of their low power requirement.

Harsh event reporting is implemented in the following firmware:

  • G60: v1.38 and above.
  • G100: v1.7 and above.
  • Dart: v1.5 and above.

Installation and Auto-orientation
The devices can be mounted in any orientation. They will automatically figure out which way is forward/back, left/right, and up/down. This process requires 15 min of normal driving. For a more complete guide to this, view this support article.

System Parameters
The threshold for harsh driving vary between different vehicle types. A large truck and a motorcycle will require very different thresholds. The thresholds should be configured in system parameters on the OEM Server. 

Find the harsh driving section in the Edit System Parameters dialog box. Enter acceleration thresholds in m/s^2 for each type of event. As a guideline:
  • Defaults: acceleration and braking 4.4m/s^2. Cornering 5.5m/s^2. These are set high to log a minimum number of events on most vehicles.
  • Testing: artificially low to generate events.¬†Acceleration and braking 3.0m/s^2. Cornering 3.5m/s^2
  • In practice: choose levels between the defaults and the testing levels.


Note on operation
The event will be logged if the acceleration exceeds the threshold for at least 100ms. If the event lasts uninterrupted (stays above the threshold - 17% hysteresis) for more than 100ms, a single event is logged. A second event is logged if the acceleration drops below the threshold - 17% hysteresis for 100ms and then exceeds the threshold again for 100ms.