Run detect uses the "external voltage" (Analogue 2) connected to the Telematics Device to determine when the engine is running and when to start and stop trips. The assumption is that when the engine is running, the alternator will lift the external voltage to charge the battery. On the OEM server, a voltage level is set up to allow the device to determine when the engine is running.

  • This is normally used when ignition wire and movement based tracking are not suitable. It is a useful alternative.
  • The voltage thresholds used below may change over time. They may also vary from vehicle to vehicle.
  • The applies to: Bolt, G50, G60, G62, G100 and Dart.


  1. Determine the voltage level, by measuring or observing readings from the Telematics Device, for the following:
    • Engine off. For example, 12.4V
    • Engine running. For example 13.8V
  2. Decide on 2 voltage thresholds:
    • From off to on: when crossing this threshold, the trip starts. In the example above, 13.4V
    • From on to off: when crossing this threshold, the trip ends. In the example above, 13.0V
  3. Login to OEM, search for the device, and select the device with the tick box.
  4. Open the system parameters dialog with Parameters->Set System Parameters
  5. Find the tab with Run Detect settings. The name varies between devices. Make the following changes:
  1. Run Detect High: set the off to on threshold in volts. For example 13.4V
  2. Run Detect Low: set the on to off threhold in volts. For example 13.0V
  3. Run Digital Input: select Digital Input 0/Ignition.
  4. Run Detect Start Time: seconds above the off to on threshold before starting a trip. For example 5 seconds.
  5. Run Detect End Time: seconds below the on to off threshold before ending a trip. For example 20 seconds.
  6. Click update.
  1. Monitor the trip start/ends on the front end application and tweak the voltage levels on OEM if necessary.
  2. If the system voltage changes over time due to battery aging or new loads on the system like headlights, the voltage levels might need to be adjusted.