It is possible to set a digital input when an idling condition is met on the device. This can be used to trigger events or alerts on a software platform. Depending on the software platform, this may not be necessary, as the same result may be achieved in software on the platform.

The idling condition is based on:

  • Device is in trip.
  • GPS speed is below the Idling Speed Threshold (km/h) for 
  • longer than Idle Time Threshold (s).
If these conditions are met, the Digital Input will be set. Otherwise, the input will be cleared.

  • Digital Input 7 is recommended when enabled as this will not clash with the physical inputs (0-4 depending on the device) or the GPS jamming IO (5 & 6).
  • If the trip ends, the input is switched off.
  • If emulated ignition is used, the idle time threshold should be longer than the trip end time (default = 240s)
  • This applies to the following devices:
    • Dart: firmware 1.6 or higher.
    • G62: all firmware verisions