This feature is intended for Partners to use to capture information about installations.

It is controlled by permissions, so if a user does not have the right permission then the information does not appear on the Asset and they cannot edit it.

1. Make sure that the User (or you!) has the permission "Asset Installer Manage"

You should assign the permission only to Users that you want to be able to view and edit the Installer information.

2. That User will then be able to see the "Installer" tab for assets - across any Organisation they have access to

3. Installer data

The Installer drop-down box contains a list of Installers that you set up for your Partner Account.

Select an existing Installer from the list or click on "New" to add a new Installer.

You can also select a Installed Date and put in any comments.

4. Enter a name for the Installer - this is free text so you can put whatever you want.

In the current release the list of Installers can't be deleted or edited through the web interface. Contact DM if you need to get an installer changed.