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Telematics Guru Movement Alerts - the technical details

A "movement alert" is a temporary alert that is quick and easy to setup in a 'one click' fashion from the TG web interface or mobile app.

The alert uses the currently logged in users linked address book entry to get their email address and / or mobile number.

The movement alert will send an email and will also send a text message if the user's organisation is enabled for text messaging and the address book entry has a mobile number.

The movement alert is triggered on any of the following conditions being TRUE:

  • the asset enters the "in trip" state
  • the asset moves more than 500m from the position where the movement alert was set

The reason that the movement alert looks at the "in trip" state is that there are some cases with devices like the Remora that we want the alert to be sent as intelligently as possible.
So the 'movement alert' is actually more like an 'activity' alert but we thought that naming would be confusing for people.

Another thing to be aware of is that the movement alert setup is loaded by the alert processor when the device connects in to the server. In 99% of the cases this is not an issue.
But it explains why if you try and set a movement alert while a device is already in a trip that the alert will not fire until the next trip occurs (or the device disconnects from the server and reconnects for some reason).

What can we say, it sounds simple, but the implementation details always seem to be more complicated when you get into the details :)

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