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How To: Increase the tracking rate when the Remora is In Trip

When the Remora moves it will start a 'trip'.

When in a trip the Remora will by default log a GPS position every 2 minutes, and connect and upload these points every 30 minutes.

To change these settings login to OEM server and select the device that you want to change.

And then from the Parameters menu edit the System Parameters for the device:

Select the "Basic Tracking" tab or add it from the "Add Parameters" menu:

1) The In Trip Upload Period sets how often the device will connect to the server and upload its data records whilst it is moving (In Trip).

Remember that the device will by default connect to the server when a trip starts and when a trip ends.

2) The In Trip Logging Period sets how often the device will record a GPS position whilst moving (In Trip)

NB - setting these parameters to lower values will increase the battery usage whilst the device is moving (In Trip) as it is doing more work

Settings will be downloaded to the device when it next connects to OEM server.

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