By default the Remora will use the GPS to determine if the device has moved more than a theshold, and only start a Trip based on that.

You can set the Remora to use the accelerometer to start and end trips - this is called "Jostle Based Tracking".

In this mode the Remora uses the presence of movement, vibration, knocking etc to decide that there is activity and to start a trip based on this. 

It will end the trip when the activity has stopped for a period.

This can be useful to track usage of assets where they don't move very far. For example, a roller going up and down a section of a road.

Another example is where a farmer stuck a Remora on a centre pivot to know when the pivot was running or not.

Why are there heartbeat log reasons in my Jostle Mode trips?

You may note heartbeats in your trip telemetry - see the screenshot below, with heartbeats between Start and End Of Trip records. The heartbeat log reason is used within a jostle trip if the GPS fix fails. A fix usually fails because the device's fix timeout is reached. If this happens:
  • The last good fix is logged:
    • This will have the current time in the record header
    • The time of the last good fix in the GPS field.
    • The fLastFixFailed flag will be set.
  • The log reason Heartbeat is used, instead of Elapsed Time.
  • Trip Status and Ignition will still show in trip, because trip status is determined by accelerometer movement, rather than GPS validity.