Setting up a Geo-fence is easy.  From the main menu (which you can reach by clicking the logo on the top left corner) select Geo-fences as shown below:

Next click the "NEW" button as shown below:

Begin typing an address and matching options will appear.  Select the correct one as shown:

You can now adjust the zoom level using the plus(+) and (-) functions on the bottom right corner of the map, and once you see the area that you wish to create a zone for, use your cursor to click points outlining the shape, ensuring that your last point meets the first point you created, as show below:

Once you have clicked on your starting point the geo-fence shape will appear and you can adjust the shape by dragging any of the nodes shown by arrows below:

Lastly, name your geo-fence and then click SAVE:

The name given to your geo-fence will now appear in all of your trip history and reports.

For advanced options click on Show advanced options.

These are the advanced settings:

1. Priority: Geo Fences with a Higher priority are shown preference over those with a Lower priority. Where two Geo-Fences overlap with the same priority, the fence with the smallest area will be shown preference.

2. Exclude from trip assignment: If selected the Geo-Fence will only be used for setting up location based alerts. It will not be used when looking up trip start and end locations

3. Track asset activity in Geo-Fence: If selected, the system will record statistics for the asset activity inside this Geo-Fence.