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Remora - tracking Odometer accurately

The Remora can be used to track the distance that an asset has travelled. For example trailers.

The limitation is that GPS points are logged on a time basis only. So a complex path will not be reflected accurately. 

The accuracy can be improved by adjusting the parameters to take more regular GPS positions when "in trip" than the default of 2 minutes.

This might be needed if the asset is doing urban driving and you require more regular points to get accurate odometer.

Be aware that the more frequent GPS logging will decrease battery life.

If you do not need regular updates sent to the server while the trip is in progress then you can turn down the Upload settings to save battery.

For example, one option is to set the Remora to not upload the trip data during a trip, but only to connect to the server at the start of a trip, and at the end of the trip.

These options can be set in the "Advanced Tracking" parameter tab:

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