Analog sampling can be used for measuring voltages from many different probes, sensors and external devices. Through the parameters, the Flexi 1 can also be configured to power up these devices before taking the sample, powering down afterwards to save power.

Filtering Strength: Used to increase the level of filtering done on the sample before making a log. This is useful for noisy voltage sources. Please note, any setting other than none will increase the sample time by 1 second.

Continuous Sampling: Enable this for inputs that don't require powering. The stored analog value will be continuously updated whenever the device is not in low power mode, and will be saved along with other device record logs. This can be used with normal sampling.

Power Enable Mask: Set which power sources need to be enabled when taking a sample. 1 = Vout, 2 = 3.3v Out, 4 = Digital Out 1 (switched ground). These can be combined by adding them together. 

Power On Delay: The time between enabling the outputs and the start of sampling.

Low & High Threshold Values (mV): Used to set an ‘error’ state. If the measured value is outside of this range, an extra log is made. Set both values to 0 to disable this feature. The Low threshold can be higher than the High threshold to allow for inverted ranges. Please note; these settings are not applicable to continuous sampling mode. Also note that these values include the Offset below.

Out of Range Upload: Enable this to force a server upload in the event that the measured value is out of range.