The upload watchdog makes sure that uploads (or a lack thereof) don’t affect the general function of a device. It is common across all methods of uploading data (2G/3G/LTE, Wifi, Iridium, etc).

Upload Retry Timeout is how long (in minutes) the device will attempt to upload before giving up. This stops the device trying to constantly connect and use excessive battery power. The device will attempt to connect again on its next scheduled upload. This value can be lowered if the device is in a good signal area, or increased if energy usage is not a concern (critical applications).

No Upload Reset Period is the number of hours of no successful upload before the device will reset. This must be set to a period that relates well to the use case, for example, if the device is set to upload every 12 hours, this period should ideally be a larger multiple of that (24/36/48 hrs, etc).