Digital Matter devices commonly use switched ground outputs. These provide a ground signal when on and are high impedance when off.

There are some example of high side outputs. There is a system rail output on the Dart and a 5V output on the G100 which can be thought of as Digital Outputs.

The function of the digital output can be set in system parameters. Functions include:

  1. None: output is not used.
  2. Digital output: can be set to on or off from the server. 
  3. Buzzer: control and external buzzer. This can be used to buzz Driver ID exceptions or over speed violations.
  4. Immobiliser: more information here
  5. LED: control an external LED. Be sure to use a serial resistor.
  6. System Rail Output or 5V output: This is for advanced use only. Generally use the defaults.

The active level setting depends on the function. This can be used to invert the output. LED's and Buzzers should generally be Active High and Immobilisers Active Low.

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