Telematics Guru can keep track of run hours (engine hours) and odometer readings.

Enter or update your readings manually using the Odo/Hours option in the top menu ribbon. Click New Reading to enter the figures.

Based on this starting point, TG will increment the odo and run hours in this way:

  • Odo readings are incremented by calculating the distance between GPS points logged by the device. The distances are calculated by TG, not on the device. The distances are incremented only when the vehicle is in a trip and ignition is on.
  • Run hours are incremented using the time between the records where the vehicle is in trip and ignition is on.

Note: If the device moves, but ignition is not on, the totals will not be incremented. This may happen when:
    1. The device is being towed or transported on a truck. It is moving, but ignition may not be on.
    2. The device has incorrect ignition settings: wired vs emulated ignition settings. For example, if set to wired ignition, but the ignition wire is not connected, no totals will be incremented when it moves.

For an article on Secondary Run Hours, click here.