It is important for partners to note that billing is according to Active Assets. 

As asset will be billed under the following conditions:

  • An asset is active in an organisation in a given month,
  • And it has a serial number
  • And it has connected at least once after adding to the manage assets page.

Assets are typically billed for at the end of a calendar month - TG is "post paid". Invoices can be expected in the first few days of the following month, for use of TG in the previous month.

This is 
regardless of whether the device connects to TG in the month. This means that if the 3 conditions above are met, and the device does not connect in the month, it will still be billed for.

It is the partners responsibility to disable assets that are not used, or clear the asset data.

Disable assets from the Asset Management page:

  1. Assets->Manage Assets
  2. Click the settings gear on the far right for the device.
  3. Click Disable

Or, clear the asset data. This is useful if the device has been tested before deployment. After testing, clear the data to set the last connected date to "never". This will not be billed for. Note that this will delete any history and it cannot be recovered!
  1. Assets->Manage Assets
  2. Click the settings gear on the far right for the the device.
  3. Click Clear Asset Data.


If an asset is disabled in TG, but the connector in OEM is still set to send data to Telematics Guru, the device will attempt to upload data to TG. It will fail (not receive a commit response) and store its data. If it is re-enabled in TG at a later date, all the historical data will be uploaded when it next connects

To avoid this, set the connector to "None" in OEM, and allow the device to upload its data. All will be uploaded to OEM and discarded.
If your connector is locked, contact DM Support for assistance.