The short answer is now "Yes".

Telematics Guru is structured with Partners at the top level, and Organisations beneath partners. Organisation used to inherit their branding from the partner. Recently this has changed. An organisation can get it's own URL prefix and logo.

Note that branding is driven by the URL. Note the difference between and your URL, https://<your brand> 

To brand a sub organistion:

  1. If you have partner level permissions, you should find "URL Manager" under your admin menu. If you do not have this option, contact support.
  2. Click Add URL. Enter the various details and upload logos if necessary. Click Save.
  3. Then go to the Edit Organisation page under Admin. Create an org, or click edit.

  4. Under Customisation, select the URL and logo you added.

  5. Click save.

  6. Access the URL to get the branding you selected.