Users can setup reminders for jobs that need to be action-ed before a specific date annually. For example:

  • Insurance renewal
  • Car registration renewal
  • Drivers License renewal
These need to happen each year, before a specific date.

To set this up:
  1. Make sure your organisation has the Maintenance Module enabled.
  2. Go to Maintenance->Maintenance Schedules.
  3. Click "Create New Schedule".
  4. Enter a name for the schedule (eg. "Car License"), add any notes, and select the timezone. Click next.
  5. Select the assets that should be linked to the schedule. Click next
  6. Select "Calendar".
  7. If the action should be done on a specific date, tick "Use Absolute Date". Then specify the date.
  8. If the action should be done at a set interval into the future, leave "Use Absolute Date" unticked. Specify the interval.
  9. Specify the "Reminder Notice Period" in days before the event.
  10. Click save.

For example:

The new schedule will appear in the Maintenance Schedule page. Ensure the "Select Maintenance Schedule" drop down to view the assets linked to the schedule.