All GPS results have a degree of inaccuracy in them.

This can be because of the position of the satellites (DOP) and other factors like multi-path reflection of the signals.


The receiver attempts to predict what the inaccuracy is and this is reported in the telemetry data coming into Telematics Guru.

In order to save battery the Remora powers on the GPS and as soon as the position is within the required accuracy (set in the parameters) it records that and turns the GPS off.

By setting the required accuracy to be more accurate the GPS may take longer to get the position and therefore use slightly more battery.

The firmware is smart enough to manage the GPS when the Remora is in a trip and going to be getting regular updates.

It will keep the GPS on and manage the power intelligently to allow the GPS to get signals from as many satellites as possible, allowing subsequent GPS fixes to be faster and more accurate.

You can set the GPS parameters to require a more accurate position if you need.

Remember that this may cause the GPS to use more battery as it will probably need to be on for a longer period.